Tuesday, March 23, 2004

English Premier League games Advance Bookings 

We have already received many enquiries on match packages for next season.

Saying that, many people have also enquired "If the current season
finishes May 15th and the new season doesn't start until August 14th
and the match I want to go to might not be until next March, why do
I have to book so early?"

Fair question! and the answer to that is really quite simple.

The average stadium capacity of English Premier League clubs is
around 40,000 (some more, some less) and the majority of tickets
are sold to season ticket holders, usually around 75%.

"No problem, that leaves approx 10,000 tickets per game so I can
buy nearer the match date" I hear you say

"Not necessarily true", is my reply.

Let's not talk about the current top 3 clubs, let's use Manchester City
as a prime example: The City of Manchester Stadium holds 48,000,
the Season ticket allocation is 36,000, the away fans allocation is
approx 2,000 (maybe more for some games). Add to that all the
sponsors' allocations and you are already well over 40,000.
See related official release on this topic dated 17th March.

But wait, what about the official fan club members who cannot get
a season ticket, or just simply cannot afford that amount of upfront
cash? - but still want to go to every home game!

They get priority purchase options on the remaining tickets ...
and believe me, there are a lot of them.

Suddenly, you have sold out games months in advance.

This is the reason 3 Lions Sport is offering you the opportunity
to book your match packages for the 2004/2005 season - now!

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